I am selling-What should I repair or re-model?


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I’m selling my home: What should I repair or remodel?


When you’re selling your home you’re often wondering what needs to be done first. How much should you spend to make your home sellable? Will you get your money back for repairs and upgrades? These are all confusing questions that every homeowner asks, so you’re not alone. There are a few things to consider before you spend a bunch of money.

 Upgrades and remodels can cost a lot of money, so knowing which ones will yield results can take a bit of finesse. Tale to your real estate agent first to see what is most important. She will know what buyers are looking for in your market and what your house can expect to bring in. Every market is a little different.

The basics
Buyers won’t want to buy a house they have to spend a lot of money to fix. Those who do are looking for a bargain. So make sure that your heating and air conditioning is working properly, and that you have no major issues with the foundation or other costly structural items. If your furnace or air conditioning unit is old, get it inspected and offer the inspection to potential buyers. It will give them some peace of mind.

 Get your roof inspected and determine if you need to repair or replace it. If the roof is really old or leaky, a buyer isn’t going to be interested because it means an immediate outflow of money. You can often get the roof repaired for a lot less money than having it replaced. Call a roofing contractor to come by and give it a look.

Give your landscape a good update. Clean up debris and give the bushes and trees a good trim. Plant some flowers or add potted flowers to the entrance. The more inviting, the better. Touch up any peeling paint and give your front door a paint job. Don’t forget about the backyard, too. Make it look like the perfect place to host a garden party. Add lots of fresh mulch. It’s cheap, and it makes the place look beautiful.

Consider the condition of your floors. You don’t have to refinish the hardwood, which will be expensive. Just give it a good wax job to make it shine. If your carpet is stained, give it a good steam cleaning. If the stains won’t come out or the carpet is old and dated, consider replacing it. A good, neutral carpet will show much better than something old and dated.

Kitchen and bathrooms
Everyone knows that buyers want great kitchens and bathrooms. But should you gut them and do a complete remodel? No. The only exception would be if the kitchen is so old and dated that you have no choice. But that’s unlikely.

 Most of the projects you can do yourself, such as replacing cabinet hardware, changing the kitchen faucet, painting or refacing the cabinets. You can change out the countertops if they’re in bad shape, or you can have them resurfaced. In the bathroom, change out a vanity and faucet, replace broken tiles and paint the walls. If the tub in in bad shape, you can have it refinished for a few hundred bucks, and it will look brand new.

Light it up
Replace bulbs with new, brighter ones to make the house full of light. If your light fixtures are dated, replace them with newer, more modern ones. Light fixtures are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. Check your local home supply store for affordable options.

 You can meet your budget goals by doing most of the work yourself, if you’re a little bit handy. You can add great appeal to your home with just a little extra work. When you’re finished, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make those repairs. But the payoff will be in the form of a quick and lucrative sale.